#BandcampGold-Never Hated I Just Waited by Chris Crack

#BandcampGold-Never Hated I Just Waited by Chris Crack by Dan-O Best way to think of Chicago Rap is like one of those old Shaw Brothers martial arts films. Surreal things happen, good and evil magic. Different clans represent divergent schools of thought with powers and weaknesses as specific as they are out of this world.Continue reading “#BandcampGold-Never Hated I Just Waited by Chris Crack”

Mixtape Review: Trap Genius by Tree

Mixtape Review: Trap Genius by Tree by Dan-O Sunday School 2: When Church Lets Out is what broke Tree wide open for the tastemakers. The funny part about this is they all had a shot at falling in love with him on the first Sunday School. That’s when I dove in with both feet (along withContinue reading “Mixtape Review: Trap Genius by Tree”

Mixtape Review-Trybecca by Death By Icon

Mixtape Review-Trybecca by Death By Icon by Dan-O In order for a region to maintain a trademark sound it not only needs to stay in close connection with it (not abandon it when the spotlight moves on) but challenge it with variation. Chicago established a bleak toughness as its modern sound when drill invaded everyone’sContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Trybecca by Death By Icon”

Mixtape Review-White America by Blanco Caine

Mixtape Review-White America by Blanco Caine by Dan-O The song Club Money off Blanco Caine’s mixtape White America begins with a clip of someone explaining the racial inequality of the prison systems in America and then a frantic drum pattern begins and lyrics where girls are getting buck naked for money. Someone in the backgroundContinue reading “Mixtape Review-White America by Blanco Caine”

Sunday School 2 mixtape review

Sunday School 2 mixtape review by Dan-O When Tree dropped Sunday School it proved to be the debut of a completely unique artist. He followed that by producing a compilation with himself featuring Chicago artists that didn’t get talked about nearly enough. So now that Tree has followed his MTV-approved Sunday School with a sequel,Continue reading “Sunday School 2 mixtape review”

A story of two compilatio​ns

A story of two compilatio​ns by Dan-O Try to remember the last hip hop compilation album anyone was impressed by. The Self-Made series just seem to highlight how artificially put together MMG feels, if you go back to the G-Unit compilation it was the first indicator of how limited G-unit was conceptually. Preconceptions destroy the compilation;Continue reading “A story of two compilatio​ns”

Tree Sunday School deluxe edition mixtape review

Tree Sunday School deluxe edition mixtape review by Dan-O Tree is someone you are going to absolutely love or despise. For a lot of people the kind of guttural vocal performance found on his new mixtape Sunday School will be linked to the movement of chorus dependent trap rap(in the Chief Keef realm) that seemContinue reading “Tree Sunday School deluxe edition mixtape review”