FME MVP HONORABLE MENTION by Dan-O No matter what the run time is, a Billy Woods song is a meal. You can spend some real time lost in his lyrics. Read the only full verse from the last song(Stranger In The Village) on his second album of the year, Terror Management. (Per Genius) Came throughContinue reading “FME MVP HONORABLE MENTION”


Intro and questions by Dan-O Answers by Billy Woods It has been very difficult this to year to pick an MVP. So many artists committed to their vision on a very high level. I will reveal the Honorable Mention next week and roll out the OFFICIAL MVP post the week after that. In the meantime,Continue reading “FIVE QUESTIONS FOR BILLY WOODS”

#Bandcampgold-Hiding Places by Billy Woods x Kenny Segal

#Bandcampgold-Hiding Places by Billy Woods x Kenny Segal by Dan-O Biographers live in the world of their subject for years. Can you imagine? In depth talks with family, old letters, review of their work, nailing down different periods of life and what they meant. The subject has to be important enough to fuel the biographer.Continue reading “#Bandcampgold-Hiding Places by Billy Woods x Kenny Segal”