Shyne-Gangland mixtape review

Shyne-Gangland mixtape review by Dan-O When Shyne made it out of his legal trouble the people who were around for his  initial run were very hopeful. He had carved out a niche whispering truly elaborate mob stories that Biggie would have been proud of over exciting Bad Boy production. Everyone who looked forward to his musicContinue reading “Shyne-Gangland mixtape review”

Songs of the Year-Jojo’s Chillin’ by Killer Mike

Killer Mike-JoJo’s Chillin by Dan-O Part way through Killer Mikes new album R.A.P. Music you’re forced to accept his alliance with El-P resulting in a 2012 Public Enemy with songs that slam as much in bass and treble as they do verbal delivery. JoJo’s Chillin moves in that pace but doesn’t carry the same necessityContinue reading “Songs of the Year-Jojo’s Chillin’ by Killer Mike”

Tree Sunday School deluxe edition mixtape review

Tree Sunday School deluxe edition mixtape review by Dan-O Tree is someone you are going to absolutely love or despise. For a lot of people the kind of guttural vocal performance found on his new mixtape Sunday School will be linked to the movement of chorus dependent trap rap(in the Chief Keef realm) that seemContinue reading “Tree Sunday School deluxe edition mixtape review”

Songs of the year-Hands on the Wheel

Schoolboy Q featuring A$AP ROCKY-Hands on the Wheel by Dan-O This is one of the most fantastically offensive rap songs not just of this year but of the decade. It’s a song so disgusted with itself and hostile that listening to it might make you want to punch the world in its ugly face.  SchoolboyContinue reading “Songs of the year-Hands on the Wheel”

Mookie Jones-Mack

Mookie Jones-Mack by Dan O More than a few reasonable people would like to edit The Mack out of blaxploitation history along with the pimp rap it spawned. If hip hop is a culture it’s undoubtedly a family as well full of cousins you brag about and uncles you NEVER speak too. Pimp rap isContinue reading “Mookie Jones-Mack”

Songs of the Year

Gucci Mane featuring Waka-Walking Lick

by Dan-O

Of all the most hated current rappers: Waka, Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris (JUST KIDDING DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER HIM?) Ice Cream face is probably the most talented. Gucci can sit back and let the DJ have the first 30 seconds to say terribly annoying things, he’s that confident in his ability to make music. It’s not all the strange chipmunk voices repeating the hook that make it work. It’s an artist with a completely unique flow and ability to dig into dark subject matter or merely to insinuate it. Waka got rich off yelling and that’s exactly what he does here, he’s great at it. You can listen to this song once, cross your arms and say KRS-ONE wouldn’t have made this but if you listen a few more times…you’ll be hooked. You can hate Ice Cream face but you shouldn’t front. Dude is talented.

Lloyd Banks-V6:The Gift review

V6:The Gift mixtape review The problem with Lloyd Banks mixtapes is not simply a problem of misogyny. Lloyd Banks might have a very balanced and favorable view of the opposite sex. He certainly does not have one in regards to groupies. If you listen to early Banks verses on G-Unit tracks they were winks andContinue reading “Lloyd Banks-V6:The Gift review”