Songs of the Year-Jojo’s Chillin’ by Killer Mike

Killer Mike-JoJo’s Chillin

by Dan-O

Part way through Killer Mikes new album R.A.P. Music you’re forced to accept his alliance with El-P resulting in a 2012 Public Enemy with songs that slam as much in bass and treble as they do verbal delivery. JoJo’s Chillin moves in that pace but doesn’t carry the same necessity to teach. It’s a story track utilizing Ghostface as the imaginary hero for JoJo that Elvis(Val Kilmer) is for Christian Slater in True Romance. The refrain and the side voices recall Slick Ricks Childrens Story(the criminality of the story as well). Its old school/ new school creative and hardcore, one of the truly special moments on wax in a year full of them.


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