Song Review-Marilyn Monroe by K Camp produced by Big Fruit

Song Review-Marilyn Monroe by K Camp produced by Big Fruit

by Dan-O

K Camp has been a bankable commodity for years. The collaborative mixtape he did with Sy Ari Da Kid a few years ago is one of my favorite collaborative projects in recent memory. He has a way of making utterly pleasant R&B without making it syrupy and rapping without it sounding like a second best skill.

That being said his new mixtape One Way is short (ten songs) but a powerfully uneven listen. This song showcases everything that works about K Camp but it doesn’t get rid of Owe Me That Pussy which is just awful. K Camp can slide into a vaginal discharge Noah’s arc joke way too thoughtlessly but that’s part of the package. He’s fearlessly turning up the party and if that means making a song called Shout Out My Bitches that’s what he’ll do. It’s sometimes impossible to find a thread connecting song to song but even as a grab bag of potential singles One Way is a heck of a listen.

Big Fruit lays a stunningly sparse backdrop on Marilyn Monroe with finger snaps and crickets chirping. It’s not a gamble to strip things down this low because K Camp has the voice to carry it. The partnership with Big Fruit (can we call them FruitCamp?!) always yields excellent results; seven out of ten beats are Big Fruit and it doesn’t seem like enough. Fruit is one of the best producers going and One Way proves how much growth is possible. As great as this song is another track they did together on the tape, Lil Bit, is jamming on a whole nother level.


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