#BandcampgoldTHROWBACKWEDNESDAY-ShaShaSha by Dan-O I have never met Dominic Lavoie of Dominic & The Lucid but I imagine him as the nicest man you’d ever meet. He produces all kinds of cool albums for cool people, he jumps in and sings back up here or there. Everyone loves him. It only makes sense that he isContinue reading “#BandcampgoldTHROWBACKWEDNESDAY-ShaShaSha”

Mixtape Review-White Christmas 3 by Troy Ave

Mixtape Review-White Christmas 3 by Troy Ave by Dan-O Troy Ave put out his Major Without A Deal album to the lowest sales numbers anyone could imagine. The result was classic ugly internet foolishness; the critics told everyone they knew he didn’t matter the whole time, the twitter comedians were cutting together the funniest meme’sContinue reading “Mixtape Review-White Christmas 3 by Troy Ave”

Mixtape Review-The Kanan Tape by 50 Cent

Mixtape Review-The Kanan Tape by 50 Cent by Dan-O One song on 50 Cent’s new Kanan Tape (free release mixtape) flawlessly represents the conundrum of 50. The song is called Body Bags and it starts with 50 telling a story about gambling one night, when a gunman barges in, shouting for everyone to go face downContinue reading “Mixtape Review-The Kanan Tape by 50 Cent”

EP Review-ONO.MATO.POEI​C by Lorine Chia

EP Review-ONO.MATO.POEI​C by Lorine Chia by Dan-O As the line between R&B and rap fades away you wonder how long that sliver of genius’s sat on the sidelines waiting for a market that fit them. How many great minds went into offices and had to be told they didn’t fit well enough into either categoryContinue reading “EP Review-ONO.MATO.POEI​C by Lorine Chia”

#ThrowbackThursday album review-R.A.W. by Daz Dillinger

#ThrowbackThursday album review-R.A.W. by Daz Dillinger by Dan-O The first rap album you ever heard…maybe it was Kanye or Jay if you were young, maybe it was The Chronic or something if you’re my age…doesn’t matter. The real question you should be asking; what was the first rap album you owned that you KNEW wasContinue reading “#ThrowbackThursday album review-R.A.W. by Daz Dillinger”

#BandcampGoldFOLLOWUP-EP TWO by Cool Tara

#BandcampGoldFOLLOWUP-EP TWO by Cool Tara by Dan-O Tell you what sucks, if you google search Cool Tara Review my October review of their Bad Moves EP is the sixth entry and the first actual review. This is depressing because who the F__ am I? The answer is a dinky blog off in the deep nicheContinue reading “#BandcampGoldFOLLOWUP-EP TWO by Cool Tara”

They call these things mixtapes but we have to pay for them?

They call these things mixtapes but we have to pay for them? by Dan-O Whenever people look at me and say the mixtape doesn’t exist anymore; no difference exists between albums and mixtapes…I have to look at them confused. What do you mean? I know it’s an album because I paid for the thing. ThisContinue reading “They call these things mixtapes but we have to pay for them?”