Mixtape Review-White Christmas 3 by Troy Ave

Mixtape Review-White Christmas 3 by Troy Ave

by Dan-O

Troy Ave put out his Major Without A Deal album to the lowest sales numbers anyone could imagine. The result was classic ugly internet foolishness; the critics told everyone they knew he didn’t matter the whole time, the twitter comedians were cutting together the funniest meme’s they could muster, meanwhile Troy Ave was trying to defend his position. I didn’t say boo.

It was a difficult position for an artist who thrives on will and determination, always looking for successful moments as the fuel for his continuing drive. The musical son of the 50 Cent swag Troy Ave is fun to listen too despite not being a technically impressive MC and while you can say whatever you want about Major Without A Deal you can always rely on Troy Ave…on Christmas.

This is the third installment of his yearly tradition and it captures everything good about him. Shittin On You featuring Yo Gotti is the clear cut high point of the experience. I remember listening to it for the second time and thinking how surreal it was; three artists(Troy Ave, Yo Gotti and producer ChaseNCashe)  all slept on, all successful because of force of will and the intensity of their musical personality crafting one of the years very best songs. Everything Yo Gotti says sounds like the uncensored truth; Troy Ave nails the hook like he’s gunning for the elusive NY crown.  As that song ends you can’t help but want these three to just form a group already. For his part ChaseNCashe does this song and TRAP both stand outs on the mixtape, he remains one of the best most slept on hip hop commodities. On a Hit-Boy level of production skill without that acknowledgement.

My faith in Troy Ave never wavered. His desire to win is so great that I have no doubt he’ll figure it out. White Christmas 3 already cuts out the 20 minute shout out track he has sometimes been guilty of (thank you Troy Ave).  He takes risks like Naomi Joy which has a very cloudy beat (from Rubi Rosa) a very distant sound from his bangers but he spins it finding/forcing the melody into it. Rubi Rosa deserves a salute as well for not just this odd beauty of a beat but the lovely piano and bass song Perm.  Most of the mixtape is Troy Ave finding his center again like “I don’t care if they hate me; they did nothing to make me (Devotion).”  The shock of popular opinion thrust against him has made him more attentive to his fans, appreciative of the people who stand by when everything falls through.  Devotion is the most he’s ever acknowledged a fan relationship in his career, “I’m a little abrasive I like the love you showed but I ain’t used to people speaking to me I don’t know.” He promises that he’ll get used to it, he’s acknowledging the learning process that is taking place on both sides. Fans are always trying to figure out what Troy Ave’s ceiling is and he’s always reaching for it.

I think you need some goon music for Christmas but goon music with perspective. Goon music that picked itself up dusted itself off and won again. Something to make you feel all the things you should love about yourself. Welcome to Troy Ave’s White Christmas 3.

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