Ranked Discography: Wale (album) edition

Ranked Discography: Wale (album) edition by Dan-O I saw Wale live in Boston in 2008 as the opener in a Rock The Bells concert that changed my wife’s relationship to hip hop forever. He did his song Nike Boots and explained the meaning of it before he performed it. The crowd was doing the festival opener thing,Continue reading “Ranked Discography: Wale (album) edition”

Mixtape Review-Meekend Music by Meek Mill

Mixtape Review-Meekend Music by Meek Mill by Dan-O The notion that your diss song is better so you kill your opponent’s careers is as real as Santa. Santa is grounded in a real factual dude from who cares how long ago who did stuff for his neighborhood but that dude is gone. The notion thatContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Meekend Music by Meek Mill”

Mixtape Review-Summer on Sunset by Wale

Mixtape Review-Summer on Sunset by Wale by Dan-O The tastemakers (a relatively small group of middle aged white dudes) decided a long time ago to wash their hands of Wale. Post-backpacker he embraced more of the uncomfortable/odd/off-putting elements of himself. Going to Maybach Music allowed him to make weird (maybe weird isn’t strong enough) sex jokes andContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Summer on Sunset by Wale”

Mixtape Review-Black Dollar by Rick Ross

Mixtape Review-Black Dollar by Rick Ross by Dan-O Rick Ross has been artistically splitting in half recently.  The dirty Miami bass of Hood Billionaire v. the wordy luxury of God Forgives, I Don’t. The smooth J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Yacht Club sound of Deeper Than Rap v. the deep growling muscle of Lex Luger’s production on TheContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Black Dollar by Rick Ross”

Song of The Year-The White Shoes by Wale

Song of The Year-The White Shoes by Wale by Dan-O Not to get super militant on anyone but can you imagine a world where Wale is white and still as talented as he is? Can you imagine the exposure/built in audience he would have to choose from? Instead Wale is not white and not slamContinue reading “Song of The Year-The White Shoes by Wale”

Mixtape Review-Zero Fucks Given by Emilio Rojas

Mixtape Review-Zero Fucks Given by Emilio Rojas by Dan-O The first song of every single Emilio Rojas project is absolute fire. He starts off things the way Ice Cube used too with that “EVERYBODY MAKE WAY I AM ABOUT TO DOMINATE” song. He does it yet again on his new mixtape Zero Fucks Given “NobodyContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Zero Fucks Given by Emilio Rojas”

Song Review-How U Feel by Fat Trel produced by Harry Fraud

Song Review-How U Feel by Fat Trel produced by Harry Fraud by Dan-O Trel’s new mixtape Gleesh feels like the proving ground for the number one Maybach Music question: does the luxuriously clean production style of the label fit the gritty goon content of the roster? Fat Trel is full of violent bluster with aContinue reading “Song Review-How U Feel by Fat Trel produced by Harry Fraud”

Classic Relisten: The Albert Anastasia EP by Rick Ross

Classic Relisten: The Albert Anastasia EP by Rick Ross by Dan-O I know some very intelligent hip hop fans that can’t comprehend what makes Rick Ross so darn popular. They see the cartoonish imagery of a man wearing a gold medallion of his own face, making up mob stories and passing them all off asContinue reading “Classic Relisten: The Albert Anastasia EP by Rick Ross”

Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill

Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill by Dan-O The Dreamchasers series of mixtapes have all seemed like big screen blockbusters that almost hit the mark. Something like the Oceans series with stars everywhere, slick lush backdrops but something missing. That something in my eyes was always cohesion. You could mark out the first two DreamchasersContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill”

Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy

Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy by Dan-O Picture rap music as a classroom containing all the personalities we are familiar with. The pretty boy who writes poetry in his free time, the goon who picks a fight every few days just to feel healthy, the smart kid everyone copies off of, the trashy chick the guys pretendContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy”