Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill

Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill

by Dan-O

The Dreamchasers series of mixtapes have all seemed like big screen blockbusters that almost hit the mark. Something like the Oceans series with stars everywhere, slick lush backdrops but something missing. That something in my eyes was always cohesion. You could mark out the first two Dreamchasers in thirds: one great third, one terrible third and the other forgettable. Never should anyone question Meek’s level of skill however. Anyone in doubt about that need only go back to his Mr. Philadelphia mixtape and hear Meek run circles around the most outrageous beats while never even having his limits in view.

Dreamchasers 3 is the blockbuster done right (Oceans 13). Every song belongs exactly where it is and while the stars are certainly out (Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Fabulous, Jadakiss, Diddy, French Montana, Future, Yo Gotti, Mase) and the sonic back drop is big screen (production from Cardo, Southside, and Boi-1da) Meek handles a lot of this himself. The super catchy melody that makes Make Me is Meek by himself, complimenting his automatic weapon flow with the right beat and the right chorus.

As much of a big screen smash as Dreamchasers 3 was intended to be chemistry is still a huge part of its equation. Absolutely no one shows up who shouldn’t be there. On Right Now and My Life French Montana and Meek go so well together I was tweeting about the need for a group mixtape from them during my first listening of the tape. The only other multi-appearance verses go to Nicki, Fabulous and Ross. Ross and Mill still do a great Batman and Robin on Rich Porter and Dope Dealer where brick talk braggadocio and hater hate mix seamlessly.

DJ Drama still has insane adlibs he tosses in that stick in your head (although less of them than normal). Corey Gunz explodes out of the big smash posse track Right Now to deliver an impressive guest verse where he hits every word like a boxer hitting a speed bag. As Driven as Meek is on Dreamchasers 3 it doesn’t just seem like a drive that results from being underrated for too long. Some of that drive to succeed is a tribute to his fallen comrade Lil Snupe. Meek has always done really well with dealing out anger in his music, it’s a pivotal driving force for him and its laser focused on the track Lil N_ Snupe. He spits at warp speed but if you really listen you can hear stuff like “they telling me I ain’t s#*t I made it for my father I just hope you pray for me matter fact sing for me…Lil Snupe…they killed my lil N_ Snupe…My Lil N_ was the truth…and all he wanted was a coupe…so what’s a N_ supposed to do? Tell them put the guns down or tell these lil N_’s shoot? Cause they’ll do the same thing to me do the same s#%t to you…” He’s not just struggling with the death of a dear friend but the resulting violence, he’s smart enough to stand back and ponder the cycle of violence that retribution creates. You can feel his exasperation two minutes in when he says “Where the love at? Where the love at? I’ll give up all of this money to get lil cuz back…”

However I felt about his previous mixtapes, liking some and disliking others, I always liked Meek. When he’s given the right stage he’s one of the top 4 talents in rap and Dreamchasers 3 is that stage. From the I’m Leanin’ intro with Travis Scott and Diddy to the soulful Black Metaphor produced outro The End he blasts through every verse and if your heads not nodding…check your neck.

Stream or Download Dreamchasers 3 below:

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