Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly 2 The World

Sean Falyon BE2 is a fun problem to have. Twenty tracks is not always too long for a mixtape, it is the way that it is structured. The first really personal song we get from Falyon comes after fifteen hard thumping club tracks, stripper tracks, and show those haters whose boss tracks. By the time the tight looping samples, air horn’s and undeniable krunkness have fully penetrated every pore; you are just not ready for a song like “My Cousin’s Funeral” which is trapped between a song called “The Riches” (one guess what this is about) and “The Fix” (another song you could find in the club, strip or dance). The pace he sets makes you wonder how many of these same kinds of pimp-ish Krunk songs he actually needed, and how many in a row you can listen too before songs like “Welfare” mean far less. The last two songs “Dream” and “Word Gets Around” could easily have been cut off the tape: They aren’t even bonus track strong. If this mixtape was cut in half, and only left with the first ten tracks it would be the most powerfully condensed head thumping music since the last M.O.P. album. Even though these beats are super krunk, with out of control 808s, and snares that dance like Sports mascots on every track, Falyon is a hardcore artist who makes no bones about it. He refers to haters far too much, and brags about himself constantly as he keeps his lyrics and his cadence hard. The authors of his beats are largely Javis Faux and Dale Danja who produces five out of the first ten tracks. Javis Faux has the best run with “Just Landed” “Chasing” and “Let it go”. “Let It Go” is a thump and bang bass driven riding song, and is probably one of my favorite beats this year- sounding like something so nightmarishly hard and epic that ICP would have sold all of their makeup to have it.
The most lyrical Falyon gets is still not that impressive. “Nothing is fair in this land/ Liars and cheats/some play it discreet never seen a fair win” off of “Chasing”, or “Countless days sleepless nights/ trying to grab my slice of life/ I work hard to serve these crumbs/ I deserve that whole pie” off of “This far”. Still he isn’t really lackluster. If you look at his lyrics, you have to respect him for cutting down his concepts to concise bite-sized bits to fit the fast pace being set. I think any MC would have a hard time articulating grand ideas over these songs. When you’re riding a bull, you’re just trying to hold on: you don’t have time to do your taxes or write a poem. Jackie Chain does a very good job featuring as does Playboy Tre and I regret to acknowledge a great singing performance by someone named Cornbread. Still, there are fifteen guest appearances on this. Far too many for me, and the features I mentioned are the only features worth listening too.
A lot of the problems with this mixtape could be resolved by simply loading half of it onto your Mp3 Player, and mixing it up. Like the movie Kill Bill, the first part is the action, and the second is the story, and the story has got a ways to go. The best thing to be said about SFBE2: West Philly 2 the World is if I put it on, I will wash dishes at a more impressive rate than any other mixtape this year. I will gather and start loads of laundry as a human blur. This music is so forcefully alive that the dead could Zumba to it even if its rough edges are more than visible.

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