Problem-Welcome To Mollywood 2

by Dan-O

Few artists have put the screws to me the way Problem has. He was supposed to be THE Cali Trap Rapper, which really didn’t work out. Problem started popping up on everyone’s track to drop fantastic hooks, and good guest verses. While asking people about him, explaining that I might give him a listen, I was warned. “Don’t do it, dude is boring.”


Being a music fan means ignoring good advice sometimes, so I suffered as much as I could through the doldrums of the first Welcome to Mollywood. For all his talent at hooks and guest features no one seemed more bored with his own material(even Charles Hamilton); flat voice, meaningless lyrics, smug disposition, and hum drum production were the impressions I was left with. Not so much on Welcome to Mollywood 2. I wouldn’t be as lucky.

If you are wondering why I gave him another chance it’s the unstoppably catchy song Function off of E-40’s three album Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil collection. Problem seemed to have found his missing enthusiasm. Its remix finds a place at the end of the bloated 22 track mixtape: remade with some of the worst rappers one could find. E-40 stays and flips a new and interesting verse but gets followed by Chris Brown(RAPPING), French Montana, and Red Café. French struggles like a kid in a spelling bee. It’s the cherry on top of the train wreck.

The song “Nasty” is a great example of said wreck. Problem promises the girl he’s rapping too that he’s going to “smack it like a newborn” on his verse while E-40 follows with the line “Your last name ain’t Goldberg but let’s make Whoopi.”   While E-40 has the capability to turn disgusting subjects funny, on Welcome to Mollywood 2 Problem turns natural things gross. Nothing compares to the oozing pseudo-erotic barf music of “Take Your Tights Off.” Where the groaning repetitive female voice in the background actually gets a shot to jump in the song and drop the line “Watch me get it back up like it fell down.”Problem never seduces his female characters he commands them, the chorus is “F_ck it, Take Your Tights Off.” While I haven’t completely figured out women, this is not what they want to hear. Play it for a woman and watch her face turn. This isn’t the only song he performs in a creepy sex whisper. The song “D.R.U.G.S.” is about loading your woman up with enough drugs that she’ll finally have sex with you. Welcome to Mollywood 2 can easily be called Candy in My Pocket music; presenting Problem as a panting sexually advancing Pepe Lepeu.

Don’t mistake Problems new direction for pimp music. It tries to be on songs like “Brand New B@#*ch” but when you contrast the confidence of Suga Free with the unstable anxious plodding of Problem, the difference is apparent. Pimp music is about how women are bound to come, it’s the MC making the case for his abilities never begging or pleading. Problem is making “That creepy guy in the club won’t leave me alone” music. Its long, by the time he gets to a song like “Talk My Sh#t” where he wants to talk about things that matter to him, the listener has tuned out because of the previous 9 songs pleading for panties to drop. Bad Lucc is featured on five tracks and owns just about every one of them. On “Jumpin” he leaves you wishing these beats were all his. Whether it’s The League of Starz or Problem himself producing; the beats are pure bubbling, West Coast bounce and jerk. The backdrop are a clean set of trunk rattling thump that if given to a gifted artist could probably produce 2 albums. That’s why some people are going to love Mollywood 2. You can lose yourself in it. Bob your head.

Some of us are programmed to listen and that’s what makes Problem a Problem. If he just did silly songs in the realm of “Like Whaaat”Welcome to Mollywood 2 still wouldn’t be great, cause he’s not great but it wouldn’t be gross. It wouldn’t make you want to warn your little sister about people like Problem. 

You can do your best to listen to Welcome To Mollywood 2 at this link below

Best to stream and walk away


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