Songs of the Year-I’m Loaded by Droop-E featuring E-40

I’m Loaded

Droop-E featuring E-40-I’m Loaded

by Dan-O

Sade samples are standard in hip hop, who wouldn’t want a soothing female voice looped into your beat? The problem with most Sade tributes is that everyone feels shackled to the Sade vibe. Droop-E is E-40’s son and an incredibly astute producer (not a great rapper) who uses his Sade samples wisely throughout Black Diamond Life. On I’m Loaded he layers drum patterns over bass, finding room for horns. Droop-E trips over Rihanna references, E-40 throws his voice around like a child with a rubber ball, all the while you wait for the refrain. Droop-E seems to part all other voices for Sade, loading the backdrop with as much as he can always confident she will  remain the star.


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