Songs of the Year-Invisible Girl by T-Pain

Songs of the Year-Invisible Girl by T-Pain

by Dan-O

I’ve accepted the terms of my relationship to T-Pain. His albums are going to be mediocre to bad; on those albums will be placed two, three or more outstanding songs. Of those one will be a titanic smash for me that I could take time off from work to listen too all day. Invisible Girl is one of those off his mixtape Stoic and first let’s get the autotune thing out of the way. He doesn’t use it…Snoop Dogg/Lion uses it. He is an autotune/vocoder master. He doesn’t just set it for robot; he’s working with levels of warbling artificial vocals above all his peers. Can we give him credit for throwing the word translucent in here? Love that. He produces the track as well; this is a very talented individual. So why do his albums range from unimpressive to stinky? My hypothesis is a complete lack of quality control. You don’t make a supremely silly joyride like Invisible Girl without being the type of artist who commits to your ideas fearlessly and we all know that goes both ways.


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