Songs of the Year-Life by Philthy Rich featuring Scarface&Allen Anthony

Life by Philthy Rich featuring Scarface &Allen Anthony

by Dan-O

This track is off of Philthy Rich’s exclusive Not Enough Real N#$%%’s Left mixtape. P. Rich has a pretty chunky flow that can make for hard listening (like walking through mud). Allen Anthony handles the hook and Philthy Rich learns the lesson Jay-z did on his Roc La Familia album. Do not invite Scarface on an introspective song unless you are ready to give the track to him. Scarface enters a zone of clarity that no one else can emulate, he starts his verse with “A lot of things a N#$%^ did a N#&** know he wouldn’t of done cause if he sat back and rethought that sh#t he did, he’d a come to a rational conclusion in his heart and let his brain react to where his heart was and weigh sh#t out the same.” That’s just the beginning. The dexterity it takes to skip and jump from the frightening monstrous verses (like Face on Gucci Mane’s I’m Up mixtape track Scarface) to this confessional honesty and sell both as not just authentic but consistent with each other is his legacy. Scarface is finding faith in the nihilism of street life. Every once and a while he pops out of wherever and reminds us. Sometimes we need that reminder.  


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