Freestyles to free albums:the songs that got us there

Freestyles to free albums:the songs that got us there

by Dan-O

If you know Tru Life it could be for the wrong reason, stabbings in 2009, a fatalists relationship to beef dvds. You might remember Jay-Z signing him as Dipset protection never with any intentions to help his career. Tru Life did for a brief time move forward the art of mixtape dissing which used to be a wholly angry affair. When Tru Life dissed you it was like a roast that became way too personal.

He picks apart dipset to an R. Kelly melody calling Juelz anorexic, questioning the need for rhinestone belts over spandex tight jeans. He doubles the vocals with his laughing. It’s hard to explain how angry dipset was about these attacks. You could see Jim Jones interviews where he denied knowing who his adversary was and in the same sentence spit blistering curses at him. Dipset was famous for joke dissing already but this was different. Tru was laughing and saying Jim Jones pants were so tight he could count the change in his back pocket.

A song like this can’t help but stew in homophobia. Taking that out of the equation along with the tragic story of Tru Life and his personal life beef first philosophy, whenever someone takes this template and really clowns someone hard I think about this song…I can’t imagine what the dipset reaction was when they first heard this. Was it funny enough that someone in that room laughed at the blistex and asthma pump line?


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