Songs of the year-On Dunk

Songs of the year-On Dunk

Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae featuring D. Dash-On Dunk

This is from another massive Trap-A-Holics Tape called Civil War 2: 2 Sides Of a Story produced by Blue Beats. For those of you who think Waka, Gucci and the Brick Squad have had their time, it’s certainly not over. Everyone is putting out new mixtapes and so far this tape and Wooh Da Kid’s are exactly what you’d want from the Brick Squad (Waka and Gucci both dropped as well). It may seem odd to toast fallen comrade Slim Dunkin in such a negative way pledging “On Dunk I hate these N#$%’s…” but everything from the crash of the bass, lyrics about not talking behind my back, the desperate irritated hater paranoia in the line “he wants to be us to eat us alive” to the slippery auto tune hook are the best tribute to Slim. Before he passed he kicked the door down to every track hollering blistering furious determination at his audience. It makes all the sense in the world to call on his strength. The great thing about Brick Squad is that they’ll never stop calling out to him.


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