Songs of the year: Vado-Off Hiatus

Songs of the year: Vado-Off Hiatus

by Dan-O

Slime Flu 3 is the strangest mixtape of the year so far. Half of it is boring because Vado raps so slow that his punch lines seem to be running through swamp water but the other half is like this. That other half where you catch his weird doubled background vocal laugh and think “that’s not how real people laugh” or you hear him say worser and smile; maybe you don’t hear any of that and the luscious vocal sample and NY boom just envelope you leaving 3 minutes and 48 seconds of screwfaced head nodding. Even with a bad half I have Slime Flu 3 in my top ten mixtapes so far. I’m a sucker for Kleinfeld references and sludgey NY tough talk(I also love yelling F#ck Geraldo). Rap needs people like Vado so this sound doesn’t ever go away. If this came out in the 90’s you would have loved it, be honest.


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