Songs of the year-Brick to a Million by Master P, Alley Boy, and Fat Trel

Songs of the year-Brick to a Million by Master P, Alley Boy, and Fat Trel

by Dan-O

Master P is back! It’s kind of surreal since No Limit was one of the most publicly adored and critically detested movements in hip hop history. P looked around at the hip hop landscape and saw a bunch of new artists (like Trel and Alley Boy) who owed a lot of their style to his movement, so he just picked up where he left off.

From the first seconds of the song you can place this track in the No Limit catalog, from the sharp piano stabs to the dope boy talk; this could have been off Ghetto Dope for god’s sake. Hearing P lace a catchy hook involving corn chips in 2013 is straight up time machine crazy.

The Al Capone mixtape that this song is off of is basically a collective effort between the three parties on this song. They released a follow up tape (not as good) but the group dynamic is great for them since on their own Trel and Alley Boy have a hard time catching buzz. A lot of the actual heavy lifting verse wise is done by the new kids while P acts as expert conductor, beat picking, chorus lacing, and generally energizing the track. I hope they keep pumping these kinds of tracks out; the music is fun as all get out and go. I also have a weak spot for Fat Trels snarling frog monster voice.


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