Songs of The Year-Closer To The Dream by Turk featuring Christian Radke

Songs of The Year-Closer To The Dream by Turk featuring Christian Radke

by Dan-O

Turks-Blame It On The System mixtape fits snugly into the found gold category. Turk, in his Cash Money prime, was never the light of his generation. After almost nine years of imprisonment no one expected him to hit the scene with an engaging cohesive mixtape about the prison system and the linkage it has to the street life so many rappers brags about. On Closer To The Dream he takes his love interest to Red Lobster, has a passionate affair and is ultimately rebuked for telling her that he has a child from a previous relationship. As she says she has to think about it and walks away the beat drops out and you just hear him yell out DAMN! It’s a different perspective for a Turk rap song especially one with the same construction of thousands of other songs. The chorus is wilding out, sipping gin, the beat feels like something Eminem would use to tell us to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. After the beat drops and he exclaims regarding his loss the chorus comes back talking about the haters again but this time it feels like the braggadocio you use to cover up genuine sorrow.

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