Song of the Year-Screw Ya’ll by Styles P and Scram Jones

Song of the Year-Screw Ya’ll by Styles P and Scram Jones

by Dan-O

Styles P is someone you always have to listen for. He goes through periods where his beat selection doesn’t quite mesh with his style but he always seems to come back to the best version of himself. Over the course of over fifteen years that’s more than an admirable quality, in rap that’s legendary. Its fitting he calls himself the Ghost, he seems to fade in and out of the spotlight delivering show stealing guest verses and unexpectedly good projects. He dropped a full length album (called Float) with Scram Jones behind the boards and it feels like something from ’04 kept in Pinero’s glove compartment until the right time for release. Yes, Scram Jones does have a verse on this song but it’s not a detriment at all. Scram has been rapping for years and he’s really good (on the producer/rapper scale). Styles makes fluid motion switches from car descriptions to struggling to killing people even when he’s serious “Dance with the devil I bet you pay the price, Couple N’s will die couple will get life, couple N’s change when they get to see the light, couple get a second chance and do the same sh#t twice,” its all conversational hardcore. The track boom-baps while remaining smooth and slick with a chorus that will stick in your brain. If Styles and Scram just kept making songs like this…nobody would complain.


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