Song of the Year-Trillmatic by ST 2 Lettaz and DJ Illie Ill produced by Block Beattaz

Song of the Year-Trillmatic by ST 2 Lettaz and DJ Illie Ill produced by Block Beattaz

by Dan-O

My favorite album through the first five months of 2013 is hands down the new ST 2 Lettaz The G…The Growth & Development. I knew this album was special when this song started (its track 2). The dizzyingly expansive universe of Block Beattaz instrumentals that can seemingly go any direction, include any sample or instrumentation, contrasted by the rock solid stability and moralism of ST 2 Lettaz is never a more engaging dynamic than on this album. While the beat is a loop you can keep finding things in it, Texas slow thump mating with old school East Coast Boom Bap as it skips and scratches (thank you DJ Illie Ill). All the while ST 2 Lettaz reminds us that he doesn’t care if we like how he wears his clothes and generally re-engages us with proof of how special his flow is. Its later on in the album when he ponders the fears he has about hip hops future and opens a song with “What’s the point of having the spotlight if all you talk about is yourself?” Its not that flashy but its great and its one of those albums (and songs) that feel like an old friend already. If anyone asks you about rap in Alabama you know who to lead with.


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