Song Review-Ride 4 My Boo by Gangsta Boo featuring Trouble Andrews and Don Trip produced by Drumma Boy

Song Review-Ride 4 My Boo by Gangsta Boo featuring Trouble Andrews and Don Trip produced by Drumma Boy

by Dan-O

If Memphis Rap had a Mount Rushmore Gangsta Boo would definitely be on it. Her new mixtape It’s Game Involved is a shining example of the skull cracking artform. I played some of it for my wife; she was grossed out and unsettled. As things should be. Drumma Boy does a great job giving her the same kind of hard thumping melodic Halloween music that made his collaboration with Eightball so good last year. Trouble Andrews makes sure his hook is as robotic sounding as it is contained which accentuates the spooky feeling. I can’t think of anyone better to complete this oddly romantic and violent song than Don Trip who works together Buckwheat and OJ Simpson references, scud missiles, and a cake icing joke that’s equal parts funny and vulgar. Gunshots, check. Autotune, here. More than any of that listen to Gangsta Boo’s verse in the beginning. It’s exactly on topic and moralistic in a street code and relationship sense. That’s why this tape is named It’s Game Involved because she was part of a movement more than ten years ago that influenced everyone and now people have taken the sound she helped to pioneer. It gets pumped out everyday as if it’s easy to make but its not. She’s an artist who finds this kind of balance between fun with gun shot sound effects and street life to real talk about relationships and poverty. Ride 4 My Boo is a Gangsta Boo signature and nobody can forge it.


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