song review-Nite & Day produced by Marco Polo (scratches by Shylow) featuring Big Daddy Kane

Song Review-Nite & Day produced by Marco Polo (scratches by Shylow) featuring Big Daddy Kane

by Dan-O

This song is off of Marco Polo’s Newport Authority 2 mixtape (a bunch of great songs he couldn’t clear the samples for and put out for free). He’s a Canadian born producer who worked with Rawkus Records at their height and through his excellent releases( especially 2007’s Port Authority) has come to be known as one of the last young purists of the New York sound. This track is a great example, Jazzy with serious head nod and old school name scratching, combining tough and gentle it feels like the perfect outlet for Big Daddy Kane.

Kane might have been the first rapper to speak to a female audience respectfully, which makes this song even more awesome. In this current rap climate people seem to be drawing from the Young Money lady song template of “girl, you got your own job…that’s great, now give me oral pleasure while I watch a Pixar movie” one after another seems muddled in condescension and steeped in the same perversion that 2 Live Crew festered in, its just wearing a cheap mask (Tyga!).

Big Daddy Kane swaggers up to the bar in this track and says to his mature female audience, I know you have arm fat, you’re somebody’s mom now, and you shouldn’t be in the club…but you can always roll with me. Its authorship that’s mature and dignified. If you’ve ever listened to Kane your not surprised, just gratified to still have this kind of song in the world. I would taunt a lion for 35 seconds to get a new Big Daddy Kane album in stores.


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