Song Review-Rollin’ by The Bobby Effect produced by Ade Cruse

Song Review-Rollin’ by The Bobby Effect produced by Ade Cruse

If you’ve never heard The Bobby Effect your first reaction could be the teeth sucking realization that this is another one of those people influenced by Nicki Minaj. The problem with the who-influenced-who game is it always ends with me yelling about how much Jay borrowed from Big Daddy Kane or Drake’s sneaky chameleon producer Noah “40” shebib appropriating other production styles the way vampires take souls. You get so deep into it that you end up wrinkly faced and sour.

When listening to Rollin’ my first recommendation would be to loosen up and turn up the volume. If you let go of everything but the music you’ll enjoy it. Its total bay area bounce with superb sexual braggadocio (sometimes female sexual braggadocio in hip hop gets badly over analyzed by panelists in tweed jackets, bottom line, this is hip hop everyone gets to brag about their genitals) a booming tunnel of ratchet claps and an excellent hook. Rollin’ is a song moving at a sprinters pace that will probably get you a speeding ticket.

If you choose to listen to this mixtape (Sugar) you better be ready for it. If you think this boyfriend stealing anthem is nasty get ready for her huge vagina brags. I’m giving warnings because I’m one of those dudes that love to be grossed out (within a comfortable creative space) and this fits that need for me (big silly gross fun) like a glove. The tape isn’t all cold hearted bravado however, she always remains a likeable narrator(the song Cold Sh#t does a lot for that) The beats slap and the persona is as in your face as it can get. I can’t wait to bang this song again and again. I just hope the people in my work elevator can’t hear her through my headphones. I’ll be able to tell from the look on their faces.

the full Sugar mixtape is available below


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