Song of the year-Strictly 4 My Jeeps by Action Bronson produced by Harry Fraud

Song of the year-Strictly 4 My Jeeps by Action Bronson produced by Harry Fraud

by Dan-O

I am one of these dudes that can’t help but talk about hip hop with whoever can converse about it. The discussions are the best part, arguments over Das Racist or Rick Ross help me understand other people’s perspective and get an idea of who people are really excited about.

One of those conversations last year culminated in me saying that no one was lacing more exciting verses than Action Bronson. He could cook a dish you’ve never heard of, do karate under the water, or say something alarming about hookers. No one in hip hop was better at finger painting with visceral imagery, and people took notice. I don’t remember anyone I spoke with fighting my proclamation.

The ep Saaab Stories just came out and came out pretty darn well. It’s got more than a few disarmingly catchy turn-up-the-volume-this-is-my-song jams which is an important step in the maturation of Bronson. His lyricism has been established, he’s shaken off most of the Ghostface comparisons (Ghostface himself co-signed Bronson) now its time to make music that reaches everyone. That’s the only way he’ll get to the point where he can see his debut full length album earning a gold plaque, he needs the heads and the ringtone kids.

Strictly 4 My Jeeps is that song.

Harry Fraud smashes the stuffing out of this beat. It’s a speaker breaker with clapping, alarm sound effects and that throttling boom. Fraud works exceptionally well with big voiced track attackers like Bronson and Smoke Dza so this match fits like a glove.

I also don’t want to hear Kanye-loving reviewers call Bronson sexist. Bronson is joking when he tears into women…Kanye is dead serious. Sexism is such a part of hip hop that it can’t be applied selectively. Don’t tell me your favorite artist is charmingly sexist and mine is offensively sexist. Let’s call them both sexist and talk about the quality of the music from there.

If Bronson can harness the crazy talk of Big Body Bes, his infectious hooks and outrageous jokes he can run the table. This song is remarkable for its scaled down grossness and restraint. This feels like the single and Bronson knows it. I think that’s a vital development for any artist and Action Bronson is growing, what he’s growing into…that’s the conversation starter.


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