Song Review-Mucho by Young Dro produced by FKi

Song Review-Mucho by Young Dro produced by FKi

by Dan-O

My mind always puts Dro in the same place with Lloyd Banks. Guys that are #2’s to really important rappers and remain under-appreciated due to that proximity. I think this comparison bears analysis. While TI and 50 Cent have struggled to clarify their musical identity at times, Dro and Banks put out exactly what they want.

In Young Dro’s case its fun, joke driven, fast pace southern semi-hardcore. Sometimes he postures, sometimes he jokes but the entire time he’s charging through the track like a streaker on a tennis court. His biggest hit, the song Shoulder Lean, is not an outlier in his catalog; it fits his template of being both joyful and tough.

Mucho is from the DJ Drama hosted mixtape Day Two and it’s solid Dro. Sure this song is about dealing drugs but the Spanish language rap and the goofy horns (with the ridiculous hook and its mouth sounds) are bound to make you smile and shoulder dance. You might not even register the threats of kidnapping adversaries’ family members or chopping people to pieces because of how fun it is.

We still have not seen the best of Dro. When the production and his off-kilter style fully align for an entire project worth of material I really believe he has a mixtape of the year in him. Day Two isn’t it but it bolsters my hopes for the future.


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