Song Review-Fathers Day by Propain produced by Donnie Houston

Song Review-Fathers Day by Propain produced by Donnie Houston

by Dan-O

For those not emotionally in touch with the subject matter this song deals with it may seem emotionally extreme. The loss of your father from your life (not due to death but knucklehead events) builds a savage hostility within that child that rather than subsiding…grows and grows with age.

This song is off the impressive Ridin Slab mixtape Propain recently released. The drawback on Propain is easy to explain, he’s rarely on beat. If you’re a technical snob you can glom onto that but the passion and intelligence that runs through Ridin Slab keeps it engaging when the flow fails.

Fathers Day showcases great storytelling, I love the moment fifty seconds into the song when he’s talking to the waiter about food and stops dead. It’s the glimpse of his father entering the restaurant that freezes him, that’s solid authorship.

The beat is twinkly piano keys and ooing, something warm and cute that might be behind a Boyz II Men song, it’s in perfect opposition to the confessional yelling that commences over top.

Ridin Slab has great beats, fun jams, impressive bars, and a vibrant soul. At the center of its beating heart is the sound of that heart monitor machine going flat and the pain doubling over into itself. This song is NOT representative of how Ridin Slab sounds, its got super fun tracks with Texas stars like Kirko Bangz, Slim Thug, Z-Ro and Doughbeezy. Amidst all the fun is a song that taps you on the shoulder and reminds you that we all earn the fun times with horrible events that leave scars. Ridin Slab gives you the fun only after you’ve earned it.


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