Song Review-Youth N Revolt by Reese produced by Ducko

Song Review-Youth N Revolt by Reese produced by Ducko

by Dan-O

I can’t say I was excited about the Drill scene explosion of last year and its effect. While I was never one of the many concerned citizens seeing crime statistic symbolism in every verse, my teeth sucking came from how new everyone acted like it was. Anyone who was terrified of the dark determined hostility behind Lil’ Reese or Chief Keef would poop themselves if they heard what Pastor Troy was doing back in 1999. Hype aside the music sounded the same. Little by little I started to hear people saying drill beats all the sound the same but drill rhymes still sound interchangeable: money, molly, and bands in assorted order.

Reese always seemed like a guy just sounding like Keef but on his new mixtape DSNRTRAPN he seems to be maneuvering into his own spotlight. The songs aren’t droll and detached, the beats have some variance. Youth N Revolt is the only song on it I absolutely love, it has that cloud rap beat giving Reese a chance to create the drifting nihilistic Kid Cudi singing that I still can’t get enough of. Not only that but it’s a great end point standing in stark contrast to the tough exterior of the tape. When he says something like “down for my N’s until we see that wooden ceiling…” it does add a little texture to his persona. The hopelessly difficult lifestyle that leads to the frustration of drill music doesn’t have to manifest itself in formulaic ways. Reese can choose to do songs about being free, being mortal…songs like this.

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