Song of the Year-Count on Me by Lucki Eck$ produced by Hytman 1

Song of the Year-Count on Me by Lucki Eck$ produced by Hytman 1

by Dan-O

For a purist hip hop’s importance is in its four elements but I’ll be honest…I don’t do much break dancing or graffiti. For the new school purist it’s about two things the classics and the new blood. The classics endure and grow along with you each year. Even marginal albums from great artists can last with you.

Nothing matches the experience of listening to some kid you’ve never heard before, the new blood. Lucki Eck$ is like that; someone who I’d never heard of that crafted a debut mixtape (Alternative Trap) with no sonic equal in terms of uniqueness this year.

Minimalism is hard to sell. It’s easier to write up something big, booming and epic. This is likely why bad lyricists with great big beats get great reviews. The special part of Alternative Trap is not just the sound which is rich and deep and complex in its twinkling, this kid flips O-dawg references and makes catchy music.

He’s not as simple a recipe as Joey Bad@$$, you can hear elements of the drill explosion in his delivery. The beats are drill pulled through a more sensitive and nuanced construction. As much as I can’t wait to recommend this song and mixtape to you, I’m even more excited for his next project. If its better than this, it could be really important.

P.S. The only reason I downloaded Lucki Eck$ is because of a passionate write up by Andrew Barber who runs the best Chicago hip hop website(fakeshoredrive). Freemusicempire exists partially cause I couldn’t rely on the tastes of even my favorite critics and I wanted heads to have some place they could rely on. Barber is totally one of those dudes you can rely on; if he hates it its not good. If he loves it you need to listen. Here is that write up


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