Song review-Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron by Kyle produced by Beni Haze

Song review-Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron by Kyle produced by Beni Haze

by Dan-O

The reason to like this song and any others off of Kyle’s new mixtape Beautiful Loser is that stupidness is valuable. I totally believe in stupidness, I believe that people who never act stupid are dangerous and you shouldn’t be around them. Kyle sing-raps but with none of the seriousness some artists attach to it and the song ends up even more silly than the title makes it sound. Try and imagine what “girlies in reindeer gear” even means(does he make sex with these reindeer women in a Santa suit? Did I just type that sentence?). Arm dance at the red light (until it turns green) to that long fantastic instrumental breakdown portion (that starts after you feel like the song is over), and try to get that stupid, amazing chorus out of your brain. If you combined the musical sensibilities of a goofball teenager, Daft Punk and Drake this song would come out of the other end of your music combining device.

The lyricism barely exists here like animals in the desert, surviving without much sustenance. I don’t really mind, I’ll get my lyricism elsewhere. This is an incredibly fun six minutes and thirty one seconds and I hope if Kyle builds on it he keeps in mind what he’s building. Stay silly, stay stupid and don’t be like anyone else. If you are doing something different that’s important and you should explore it all the way. I will certainly continue to explore Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron as long as my head nods.


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