Song Review-Gone For A Minute by Humbo County

Song Review-Gone For A Minute by Humbo County

by Dan-O

This is the last song on a mixtape called Urple Vapes and it stands as a pretty sharp contrast to the rest of the music before it. Humbo County bounces from track to track throughout the material sounding like Weezy back when he was a human. The songs are driven by cash, women, and stay for the most part inside a smooth comfortable groove.

The last thing I expected to happen was for Humbo County to close the tape with a Gone Till November style somber hymn about kissing your loved ones goodbye over a luscious soul sample.

This kind of diametric opposition doesn’t always work. I remember when everyone’s gangsta rap album closed with a tribute to momma and they stopped feeling genuine. In this case it makes sense. The music preceding it was about getting money and success. He closes his argument by giving a window into what he’s losing; time when he could be with his girl, family or friends.

It’s a weird mixtape; showcasing a series of drunken rambles called Sauce Talk (1-3) and consistently interesting, understated production. I really like that the other songs never seem high stakes, they just rattle around amongst a massive vibe. The only one that breaks out and demands of your senses is this one.

A hip hop head once told me the best song on your album should be the last song, the second best…the first. Urple Vapes nails the first half of that expression and leaves me with an artists name I wasn’t familiar with burned into my head.


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