Song Review-Who Got That Gas? By DB the General

Song Review-Who Got That Gas? By DB the General

by Dan-O

This year DB the General has gone Tasmanian Devil on every track he’s stepped on. In the wake of his wild voice alterations and whirling dervish of threats he leaves tracks devastated. After dropping a twenty five track mixtape earlier this year called I Should’ve Been Signed he came out with a twenty track album called No Cb4 that clocks in at an hour and twelve minutes.

This dudes energy is on a whole other level. His lyrics have moments where they touch down on planet earth and you can connect to them but those moments are rare. Most of the time he’s yelping crazy things in that incomparable voice; his voracious determination and boundless vigor gets me going on mornings when I just want to go back to bed. If I wake up tired I can put on this song and listen to him rap at this triple time pace over raucously pleasant production. DB the General has released two double discs worth of original content this year…and on twitter he’s already teasing a new project.

I had been thinking of DB as my guilty pleasure artist of the year because I’m not sure how I’d defend him against angry hip hop scholars calling out how much he says the N word or how little of his content is health food. I think DB has done too much to help my mp3 player this year for me to let that slide. I’d defend him by saying he’s fun and none of his music sucks. We get trapped in arguments between rap that educates and rap that is entertainment when these delineations are false. It’s always been good rap music versus bad and DB is real good.


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