Song review-Sittin On It by Jose Guapo featuring Young Thug & Pee Wee Longway produced by YDG

Song review-Sittin On It by Jose Guapo featuring Young Thug & Pee Wee Longway produced by YDG

by Dan-O

After the first session I felt like this song gave me internal bleeding it sucks so much. This is off of Jose Guapo’s new mixtape Jose’s World 2 which somehow beat out Chief Keef’s mumbled opus Almighty So for worst mixtape I’ve listened too in 2013. I’m selling stock in every one of these guys. Guapo for his part is unerringly mediocre at everything. His rapping is off beat and unconvincingly flossy, his hooks are soaked in autotune and thoughtless. Young Thug was considered a hot ticket earlier in the year because of his odd voice and its use on some high profile Gucci Mane mixtapes but reality doesn’t bear that out. While he doubtlessly has an odd voice it’s not the kind you want a lot of and when it’s used for the wrong purposes (like repeating Guapo and taco) it’s about as listenable as a fire alarm. Pee Wee Longway might be the strangest character of this bunch, as omnipresent as he is (check out how many mixtapes this dude has released at some point) none of them are at all important. He just keeps making music and dumping it into the information superhighway for someone somewhere.

This is definitely a collaboration that came together via internet communication, the vocal quality changes drastically from verse to verse. By the time we get to Pee Wee’s closing verse it sounds like he has a studio setup inside a robot’s pocket.

Jose’s World 2 is twenty dreadful tracks long and while it is the worst, this is the worst of it. You know a bad mixtape the same way you know something has gone bad in your fridge. You check it out and use common sense. That’s all you need to know. This collaboration didn’t work out. Here is the part where I admit that if these three teamed up for another collaboration I would listen. The lingering question would be…can it be this bad again? Could it be worse? I’d have to know.


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