The right way to use Catfish Billy: Black Fall EP edition

The right way to use Catfish Billy: Black Fall EP edition

by Dan-O

Thankfully I can’t tell you what industry people think. I say that because as a consumer of music a lot of industry decisions don’t make sense. Take Yelawolf whose Shady Records debut caved in on itself going from fist pumping first half crunk to soggy second half balladry. His record label has so clearly squandered his talents that frustration has crept into nearly ever verse since Radioactive. From an outsiders perspective…his Black Fall EP with DJ Paul feels like a giant middle finger to his label.

This is a true EP compacted into 5 songs but WOW are these songs. The first track Get Straight pulsates with that raw energy that Yelawolf thrives on and it just happens to be the same crunk power that DJ Paul helped craft over the years with Three Six Mafia. The difference in focus and delivery is almost Popeye post-spinach. DJ Paul throws light screams miles behind Yela on Mastermind (as well as gunshots and creepy laughing) it’s all the right touches to sharpen the vicious mood he’s in. After he talks about holding a teeth auction from the remnants of fallen opponents Paul comes on the track to hoot and holler; energy feeding energy. On Bowties we get a great hook about riding in Chevy’s and a Crucial Conflict speed Rittz verse.

Through it all DJ Paul seems to be standing right off to the side like a college coach screaming to his star player. It was after hearing the song Party Prophet that I took to twitter and begged Yela to just formally join Three Six Mafia. It just makes sense that DJ Paul could be Catfish Billy’s Pimp C. A maniac with the ear of a genius who always has the grossest most interesting verses (on Party Prophet he talks about being so drunk he pukes in a girls mouth instead of kissing her…yup…I could have not told you that). Go to him Yela. You might have to record another album of love ballads to finish out the Shady contract but once you do…you know where to go and DJ Paul will be waiting.

Stream or download Black Fall below:


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