Song of The Year-Contemporary Man by Action Bronson produced by Party Supplies

Song of The Year-Contemporary Man by Action Bronson produced by Party Supplies

by Dan-O

Action Bronson has trotted his oddball lyricism around hip hop working with the very best producers in the world (Alchemist, Harry Fraud) so its anyone’s guess why the stream of consciousness strange sample meets off the top of the dome bars Blue Chips series with Party Supplies has become his signature. You could make the case that it’s the perfect amplification for his abnormalities. As this song begins any Bronson fan is pumped to hear him destroy Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. It would be weird for a straightforward lyricist like Lloyd Banks but for Bronson to go from Pistol Pete Maravich comparisons to lines like “shorty’s on her arm like a coyfish…” (which makes my wife’s eyebrows furrow in confusion) while the beat goes from Sledgehammer to Phil Collins Sussudio to Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane seems like him finding a place where his weirdness fits.

My real answer to why the Blue Chips series is so fun is much simpler. Chemistry. Action is at his best when he feels secure enough to have fun, say whatever he wants and make it fit into the most interesting image. Contemporary Man does exactly that. You can feel them both smiling and giggling, every joke falling into its natural place. How else could this song end but “smack the taco out your mouth, green couch.”

Stream or download Blue Chips 2 below:


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