Song Review- Paper, Rock, Scissors by Starlito & Don Trip produced by BarNone & Street Symphony

Song Review- Paper, Rock, Scissors by Starlito & Don Trip produced by BarNone & Street Symphony

by Dan-O

This is my favorite opening song of 2013. All the folks (like us) who impatiently waited for the two punch line Jedi masters to come together again for a sequel to Step Brothers, breathed a deep sigh of relief when Starlito starts this up and trades off to Trip who brags he is “in that grass like a lawn dwarf.” Later on in the track Trip also mentions that his pen drips icicles, which is fantastic.

BarNone & Street Symphony didn’t change the face of music with this beat. This beat is pretty standard punchy trap fair and the rest of Step Brothers Two follows that blueprint with production from Young Chop, DJ Burn One and Drumma Boy. If you ever thought Lito and Trip got together to make some odd Watch The Throne Dubsteppian trashterpiece you were wrong. The point is the bars. Listen to Lito as the song starts, talking about not wanting to go first; every song is the highest level of competition and some listeners already feel like Lito takes this project as his victory lap while others feel the exact opposite. Everyone agrees that the competition is a lot of fun. The Stepbrothers mixtape series is better than the movie which spawned it, not bad.


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