Song Review-The Constant by PHZ-Sicks featuring Lyriciss produced by Best Kept Secret

Song Review-The Constant by PHZ-Sicks featuring Lyriciss produced by Best Kept Secret

by Dan-O

PHZ-Sicks (Physics, get it? Could be worse…could be Lil PHZ-Sicks) new mixtape The Moment has some moments but none as penetratingly arresting as this song. It’s a song I hadn’t thought of reviewing until I realized how much I kept coming back to it. The Moment has a stream of sadness running through it relating to prisons and violence but a lot of mixtapes do. Most artists are directly contradictory about such subjects going from “I will shoot my enemies!” to “I miss my fallen friends” never discussing the cycle all of the violence is a part of and above all never speaking against it. I don’t know if it’s a warrior’s street code but its nothing I could ever be a part of. Personally if something is wrong I yell it as loud as I can be heard, that’s exactly what The Constant was made to do.

Over a perfectly emotive boom bap thump PHZ-Sicks (can I shorten this? Just call him fizz or Mr. Sicks?) talks about gun violence in that tone of voice Kanye had when he called out the obvious about George W. Bush “How many bullets in Sandy Hook does it take to change a young black or brown kid in DC’s fate? It was a tragedy not saying that I told you so but if we were real about these gun laws could have avoided this some time ago.” This isn’t a stand out line snuck into a song, this is a song made out of a white knuckled soapbox rant. The first line in it is “The smell of pissy hallways shouldn’t feel like home.” After a few lines he stops and just says “pissed” with an exclamation point that comes from rolling this around in his head for a long time. Don’t call this song conscious rap call it town hall rap and value hearing an impassioned voice do what the founders wanted this music to do, be heard.


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