Song Review-N The Traffic by Droop-E, J Stalin, and Nite Jewel

Song Review-N The Traffic by Droop-E, J Stalin, and Nite Jewel

by Dan-O

The first four times you listen to this song off of Droop-E’s Itunes EP Hungry and Humble you may only be able to focus on the beat. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He’s one of the best producers in hip hop today partially responsible for breathing new life into his father E-40’s music when everyone looks for a new direction from the trailblazer. His signature production sound is not merely ratchet. While you can hear the beat smack and bubble and know this is the bay; Droop-E has a masterful knowledge of voices and where they should be. He already released a project where he took Sade samples and weaved them into bangers. This time he takes Nite Jewel (a wonderful Sade-like singer on the label Secretly Canadian) and lets her liquid cool smooth out what he bubbles up. So it pops your trunk while lightly seducing you if that makes sense. Don’t let J. Stalin’s sucking and F_ing crazy talk bother you that’s kind of his thing and he’s great at it. Dude has been releasing largely sexual content (that jams) for years. He drops them for digital purchase not mixtapes which is why I don’t ever spotlight them (they sometimes lose steam part way through).

Droop-E has also gotten much better as a rapper, fully holding songs down by himself at times on Hungry and Humble where he used to need the assistance of posse cut bars. I’m glad he’s putting out material and I’m glad Kendrick gave him a feature on the great Rossi Wine. If you have spotify hit Hungry and Humble up and you’ll find more hypnotizing headnodding production with fun knucklehead lyrics.


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