Song Review-Mandela by Cyhi The Prynce produced by Sekou Muhammed & TEC Beatz

Song Review-Mandela by Cyhi The Prynce produced by Sekou Muhammed & TEC Beatz

by Dan-O

Cyhi The Prynce is the kind of talent that can be painful. The wit that staggers with lines like “and I don’t need a beat cause I can easily speak to these N’s through the frequencies…” can’t help but get creepy. Even on the feel good last track Black Pride he suggests to a woman that if she comes home with him tonight she will make her mother proud (to be fair on the same song he says “they know me down in Africa like I’m the Prime Meridian” so that’s great). On one level I guess its admirable to be so confident in your prospects that you honestly believe this woman’s mother would be proud she boned you but its super creepy.

I recall an interview where Yelawolf was asked who he wouldn’t want to battle and his first answer was Cyhi. It makes sense. This is a mind that works fast and dangerously with painful jokes, shocking threats and adept observations. It shouldn’t be confusing then that if you add all those talents to a mixtape called Black Hystori Project executive produced by Kanye West it becomes one of the most interesting projects of the year thus far. The most interesting Kanye moment is when Cyhi actually says “I’m like Kanye but less rude” was Ye in the studio bumping his head to that? It’s times like that when I wish I had some kind of insider access to ask these questions.

The reason I spotlighted this song is that it cuts to the core of what Cyhi is at his best. Give him a beat that feels like a stampede of drums and handclaps and just let him tell you how awesome he is in a thousand different ways. By the end your eyes will be wide open to the pure talent sitting within this dude; a dude with a little bit of Pepe Lepew masking it.

If you want to check out Black Hystori Project check the link below:


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