Song Review-Dick Walk by DPGC

Song Review-Dick Walk by DPGC

by Dan-O

Why would grown men make a song called Dick Walk? Why would another grown man write about it? Life is full of interesting questions. Honestly, I was chomping at the bit to write about Snoop Dogg who post-Snoop Lion has been making some very interesting music. He teamed up with Dam-Funk for a lean fun funksploration called 7 Days of Funk where Snoop played Bootsy Collins (part singer part smack talker) and seemed to be having genuine fun again.

After that he started putting out a series of mixtapes called That’s My Work, this song comes off volume 3, they are all monstrously long and produced by the very best beat lacers in the business packed with important guests. It’s Snoop and friends making the kind of unconcerned misogynistic gang related music everyone fell in love with, benefiting from alterations that make it the grown up edition. You might hear references to his youth football league on That’s My Work 3 and you should learn to live with it. If you do you get to enjoy wonderful Warren G, Soopafly and Kokane verses, people you may have forgotten about or never known that can flat out spit.

How much fun do you think Snoop is having that he actually created a dance called the Dick Walk and gives instructions on how to do it at four minutes and ten seconds of the song? “Now put your hand on your dick and lean back to the side, now skip with it dip with it.” I’m not sure I know how to do that and I’m pretty sure my wife would disallow the practice of this (not to mention how hard to explain this is “what are you doing?” “The Dick Walk honey, it’s harder than you think”). Snoop is not the only one gaining steam, Daz has laid ferocious guest verses all over the hip hop landscape over the last two years and Kurupt still swears with more joy than makes any possible sense. Maybe I’m the wrong guy to judge; maybe this song reduces me to that teenager hearing What Would You Do for the first time with his mouth open but anyone reading this deserves fair warning. Check the That’s My Work series if you have a lot of time for wild west cost amusement with top notch rascally ratchet production.

P.S. I’d be doing a disservice to rational folks if I didn’t address the oddness of vaginal content in this song. Its another one of those songs where the cavern of mystery (is that a politically correct term?) gets terrible treatment: hurt, murdered, smashed, beaten up. Not only do we need to create friendlier sexual terms within the genre, lets be clear, its all mythology. She does not like sex like that and you won’t have very much of it since she doesn’t. I do not even understand the desire for such combative sexual strategy, I’ve only every wanted courteous cordial continual contact with the cavern of mystery cause its great and if its great…why would you kill it?


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