Song of the Year-Too Ill For The Law by Lakutis produced by HGHWND

Song of the Year-Too Ill For The Law by Lakutis produced by HGHWND

by Dan-O

One of the things I hoped to achieve with this site was NOT writing about Das Racist or anyone affiliated with it. The think piece generating insincere crew of moderately talented mc’s captured the imagination of people I am forced to nod respectfully at. As many words as were written about them the music wasn’t that big a deal, a lot of it was posturing and jokes that weren’t funny. My grumpiness aside, Lakutis dropped a lean twelve track mixtape called 3 Seashells which is powerful and straightforward and skillful.

This song is exactly what you would hope it’d be. He gives the cops a one finger salute, has someone drink a gun butt with a bullet chaser, and in general celebrates the havoc he so adeptly creates. HGHWND laces the perfect anarchy behind our orator full of weird chanting and huge thick booming drums. Lakutis has a dexterity to his flow that is captivating and he loves the word skeleton. While 3 Seashells does share a nihilistic outlook and celebration of drugs with Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron album the latter is very different from the former. Oxymoron is meticulously organized mayhem while 3 Seashells feels like something that just bubbled up or burst from the earth.

The thing I like most about this song and what seperates Lakutis from the universal Das Racist narrative is the genuineness in the music. After you listen to this song you can picture him spitting beer at a security guard basking in his own fearlessness. A little shot of that staggering bravado is very valuable to my playlist.


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