Song Review-Richer Dad by Sonnie Carson produced by DR Period

Song Review-Richer Dad by Sonnie Carson produced by DR Period

by Dan-O

When I first heard the mixtape Most Likely to Succeed I started telling everyone about it. Carson has an old school NY tough guy DITC feel to his flow even when he’s rapping about normal things. The contrast between the “I took your B_” voice inflection and the domestic responsibilities of fatherhood is what makes this song amazing.

Does it get any better than the line “I’m addicted to money, he’s addicted to pancakes” which has to be one of my favorite lines of the year. This song goes so far beyond simply outlining how much his son means to him. You get to visualize through his words aimless X-box games that end with questions about where they should go for dinner. At one point Sonnie talks about his inability to boil an egg. This is on the same mixtape where Don Cannon yells “My life is like a sandwich!!!! Either way you flip it my bread comes first!” to introduce a track. So yes it’s a fun listen.

I’ve heard a thousand hip hop songs about how much that rapper loves their child or hates the child’s mother; the Cat in The Cradle theme of wishing for more time with said child. Richer Dad isn’t really about any of that, its about making it to the bus stop on time; finding a babysitter. It assumes you already know he loves his son and declares that the song is not about the mother. This is a heavy piano keyed sincere song that appears as track sixteen on a mixtape thick with sneering NY attitude (including production from Buckwild, Best Kept Secret, and the Heatmakerz and blistering features from Vado and Styles P). It’s an overstuffed (5 songs too many) mixtape but what works is always worth putting in the rotation and Richer Dad is one of those smile-on-my-face songs. Not because I’m a father or because I have no idea how to boil an egg but because it’s a dope song.


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