Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug

Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug

by Dan-O

If you are a Trap-a-holic, DJ Scream, DJ Holiday, Trap aficionado I know you love Young Thug. You must since not much else is going on. Waka, Frenchie and his team have been serving up underwhelming efforts all year while Gucci Mane is a part of the much lauded Young Thugga Mane La Flare mixtape he barely is. Gucci doesn’t say anything memorable whatsoever and any minor recovery in his energy level from the devastation of last year (putting out 11 projects each one stepping down in quality) is due to the supernova of pure unpredictable energy from his co-star.

That’s a huge part of why this song is fantastic and why Thugga is the future (whether we like it or not). The synth and galloping drum pattern of Trap has become painfully predictable as has its follow-the-bouncing-ball cadence. Young Thug is the only commodity in the market that can flip his voice inflection three times in this chorus while this monster bass ripples through the center. Thugga doesn’t seem to mind words or their meanings that much as long as they sound funny; using phrases like ding dong and rolly polly. Gucci isn’t even on this track and who cares.

Trap has a new voice and he’s the ultimate solution. A voice with a thousand voices who prefers to flip between all of them. An emcee who won’t ever lay a predictable verse and remains so far out of the box that he can’t find it. I don’t even know that I like Young Thug. I find his mixtapes to be stressful. In a moment’s breath he’ll switch from an amazing voice to an irritating stupid one and I’m the type of listener who needs to KNOW what I’m getting. I’m not stupid though. Anyone can see this is an important moment in the musical format because he’s here and hopefully he’ll accomplish his mission of instilling that rampaging energy back into Trap. If he does that, I’ll buy a T-shirt.


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