Song of The Year-Blood, Sweat, Tears by Future produced by Katalyst

Song of The Year-Blood, Sweat, Tears by Future produced by Katalyst

by Dan-O

I’m not sure I understand how respect is metered out in the hip hop community. It’s not just about record sales. Now eyes are on what kind of sunglasses you wear and who you hang out with; not that its complex it’s just convoluted.

Future dropped what I consider to be the album of this year in Honest and you know that by the end of the year he won’t even be on MTV’s Hottest MC list, even though he’s DOMINATING chart movement. Why is Honest so good? It’s half white knuckle motivational gym music about the determination it takes to be successful (like this song) and half bald emotional love song. I’m not talking about the hip hop love song that doubles back and cackles at the woman by the end. Real life I need you and I’m telling you music (almost uncomfortably personal like a letter to your loved one on an anniversary). I’ve never heard of anyone in hip hop crazy enough to put out an album like that; not LL, not Pac.

Blood, Sweat, Tears should play all throughout the NBA playoffs and at every sporting event. Katalyst made the bass crash like a stampede. Future found that raw poignant place where he does his best work and recorded his second album there. Some people think his first ,Pluto, was a game changer but this one is better. No loose tracks, everything fits and the truth is…Kanye hasn’t been as Future is now in years…neither has Jay…or Ross. When you talk about the top top tier in the game I’ll be fuming if you don’t mention Future.


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