Song Review-Lisa by Sonny Shotz featuring OnCue

Song Review-Lisa by Sonny Shotz featuring OnCue

Sonny Shotz new mixtape American Summer feels bigger than fourteen tracks. Every song has a specific place within it and a unique experience that it provides. A full listening can make you feel spread beyond where you thought the end was. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts Sonny talks about not doing drugs, the state of American life and in this song downshifts into a warm sensitively handled Montell Jordan style “let’s get down” song.

Through the first verse when he’s soliciting Lisa into the phone you might compare this to Drake’s drunk dial song Marvin’s Room. The problem with the comparison is that Sonny never stops having fun and joking. As cheesy as the chorus might seem it smiles at you and never becomes predatory or insulting to Lisa. While Marvin’s Room was meant to give you the heebie jeebies this is simply lining up an evening with someone he likes. It’s about making space in a nice day to kill time with an important person…and the beat KNOCKS.

From here the real work begins. The next project Sonny will start to pull things tighter to make more of an impression. It’s always early in a career when you get material like American Summer that beats your eardrums from so many different locations. I’ll guarantee you the next one will get priority listening for me and this one….could get a lot better as I keep listening.

Instead of a youtube song link you can stream or download American Summer below:


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