Song of the year-Higher by G-Side featuring Joi Tiffany produced by Block Beattaz

Song of the year-Higher by G-Side featuring Joi Tiffany produced by Block Beattaz

by Dan-O

It’s not over. That’s the explanation you get for why G-Side got back together. ST 2 Lettaz, Yung Clova and Block Beattaz have worked relentlessly for over a decade to write their story into hip hop’s sordid/splendid universe and they get to decide when it’s over. So it’s not over.

Their reunited and it feels so good album, Gz II Godz, is flat out beautiful. Clova and ST are as unwaveringly secure ideologically and technically as they’ve ever been. Block Beattaz lay foreground, background and a thousand dimensions between. The combination of unchecked Doc Brown drivin’ 88 beatsmithing and the samurai MC’s discipline to succeed renew an uncommon chemistry.

Maybe we need stop talking about G-Side as Alabama’s premiere hip hop group. Maybe we need to stop talking about their ceaseless adherence to their moral foundation as some unique calling card (which is a weird narrative since it makes having a moral structure and sticking to it really weird for a rapper…I’m not into that). Maybe we should start to talk about these guys as one of the best groups in hip hop, period. A lot of people release albums as a group but they aren’t. They slide verses next to each other and treat it like an exercise(SLAUGHTERHOUSE). G-Side really do come together; you can feel Clova’s verse reaching out to ST and pushing him on the song so he can brand it with a complete G-Side mission statement “Old lady on the porch, never knew my name she just called me Jackie’s boy. But every time I passed her crib with my head hanging low she’d tell me lift my chin I never understood it though. A few years later they told me that that old lady died, and to this day I still walk around with my head up high. I wish I could give a thousand thank you’s for that little lesson. The smallest things turn out to be the biggest blessings.” The sincerity in those bars would make Scarface smile ear to ear.

Stream and purchase the album below:


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