Songs of The Year-Bless You by Travis Porter produced by Sounds

Songs of The Year-Bless You by Travis Porter produced by Sounds

by Dan-O

I do not think of Travis Porter as a couple guys having fun convincing girls(through catchy music) to do sexual things. They are an establishment. Travis Porter make stripper music the way Heinz makes ketchup. It’s not like they have a lot of pressure to top previous outings or compare their output against the greats. Bottom line-every Travis Porter mixtape/album has 2 or 3 banging songs and those sail around the world. People buy the ringtone, radios spin them, and people pay to see them do it live.

The newest mixtape Music, Money Magnums 2 (Magnums in the title is a condom reference not a gun one) has a few good songs and two GREAT ones; Dope Boi and this one. Hip hop needs acts like Travis Porter because strip clubs (and other clubs!) are much better with their music in it.

Writing about the group can be tricky. You can end up knee deep in a think piece about their collective genius ignoring the outrageous stupidity and misogamy of the music or waist deep in a tirade about how they are ruining what Kool Herc created. Either way you are over-reaching. They are great at catchy chorus playlist music. In this case you can hear the female background voices melding with the collision in the baseline under a perfect hook. It doesn’t sound like what you expect and that’s how they hook you in. Do we like them? Respect them? Doesn’t matter; they aren’t leaving.


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