Song Review-The Destroyer by Chris Rivers

Song Review-The Destroyer by Chris Rivers

the skit

the song

by Dan-O

Chris Rivers Wonderland of Misery 2 mixtape is full of incredible guest verses, songs that could be titled-blackout rap your ass off young star, the single most important skit of the year, inadequate freestyle and just about everything else you can imagine. Its twenty seven tracks long with a front to back listen that feels like a drive from the top of Texas into Mexico.

No one will ever accuse Rivers of holding back or not putting it all into his music. The Destroyer is proof positive of that. It’s an anthem for manic depression/bipolar that feels absolutely spot on. Anyone who has known someone who deals with this parasitic state of being (or deals with it personally) will be able to identify with what Chris speaks about in the skit that precedes the song (the aforementioned most important skit of the year). The chanting voices on the song are the ones in his head all day and no amount of praise or admiration can fully penetrate. Rivers walks the high wire teetering between aggression and deeply suicidal sadness and the song is still a fun listen. No matter how serious Destroyer is it’s still an anthem and his flow blows through the seconds like Big Pun discussing Little Italy.

Chris Rivers feels like a great MC who still hasn’t all the way found his sound. Maybe that’s why Wonderland of Misery 2 is so long; each song is a chance to unload his dexterity and battlefield mind onto a different soundscape and see how the picture comes out. Even if he never finds the one that really fits I’ll keep listening because he has so much to say, how could I stop?


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