Song of The Year-Very Much Money (Ice King Dream) by Open Mike Eagle produced by Ultra Combo


Song of The Year-Very Much Money (Ice King Dream) by Open Mike Eagle produced by Ultra Combo

by Dan-O

You can move mountains you can be the most interesting man in the world but if you’re broke it doesn’t really matter. That’s how it feels anyway, and this song articulates that feeling in a transcendent way. It comes off of Open Mike Eagle’s new album Dark Comedy which is full of glum circumstances, acute observation and absurdity in equal parts. This is certainly not the only great song from it as Qualifiers demands playlist addition and Doug Stamper with Hannibal Buress as guest star is proudly pleasurable.

This is one of the best songs this year because it resonates beyond its parts. Ultra Combo gives the song an uncanny hypnotic quality increased exponentially by Eagle’s tender tones. Dark Comedy is the only title Eagle could give the collection this comes out of. He sings earnestly that his friends “Some of them talk to the animals none of it matters when N’s was hungry.” The hilarious image of the sculptors who speak Portuguese and talk to the animals is bound up in the tangled tragic web of the deadly 0 balance our checking accounts always feel so close to touching.

The swirling can’t take your eyes off it condition of the beat mixed with the delicate and damn near heartfelt delivery of the melody make this something that feels like the unforgiving truth and as funny as it is it feels dead ass serious. Other times you catch the Prometheus line just right and shake your head and smile.

Stream the song below:


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