Least Valuable Song of The Year-Because of U by Mickey Factz

Least Valuable Song of The Year-Because of U by Mickey Factz

by Dan-O

Thinking about the new Mickey Factz mixtape 740 Park Ave makes me physically angry. It stirs the desire in me to jump in the air, loudly swear, and flail my arms. He uses the story of the super expensive upper crust dwelling and the tale of the doorman as an analogy for the only thing worth talking about…himself (and strangely Malcom X on the song Detroit Red which doesn’t fit at all).

I knew I was in for a terrible ride when I saw the length of this track and heard it open with “You know…thinking back on my life…I’ve lived.” My head went in my hands immediately but it got worse. “I would have never imagined Living and not LIVING. That concept may seem abstract but it’s very common…” Abstract? I’m sorry am I going way over your head with this speech audience? NO! We all heard this crap the first time we were around anyone on marijuana.

It seems like everything Factz knows about he knows about so he can diminish everyone else by comparison. Mickey Factz knows art; he’s been to Beijing working on sculptures, in his own words “Naked women Jordan 4’s I’M LIVING!” Well that is deep, thanks. While Factz is indeed rubbing your nose in his success he’s also lamenting that he’s a millionaire and not a multi-millionaire. So while showing a complete lack of empathy for people not him he demands full attention to the billions of feelings he’s going through. Girlfriend left, problems with his father, friends dying he doesn’t know how he’ll make it. It’s just a shame that the doom and gloom feel my feelings Factz and the “Naked Women Jordan 4’s I’M LIVING!” Factz never meet. Maybe they would cancel each other out at that point. The only likeable character on 740 Park Ave is the doorman on interludes explaining his experiences with the wealthy and on the last one the doorman interlude cuts off and Mikey Factz becomes his voice. Proving he can find away to make anything about himself in the most annoying way possible.


2 responses to “Least Valuable Song of The Year-Because of U by Mickey Factz”

  1. “While Factz is indeed rubbing your nose in his success he’s also lamenting that he’s a millionaire and not a multi-millionaire”. He is discussing his struggles, I respect your opinion but you should learn how to respect a real hip hop artist. There are not many left, my culture is dying. Also least valuable song of the year??? Really?? The year??

  2. I think this is the most ignorant opinion I’ve ever heard in my life. Ever. About anything. & I’ve been around for a while lol.
    Open up your mind & get a life instead of makin your life about hating on others.

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